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Designer:                v.d Stadt / Trintella

Wharf:                   Anne Wever

Build:                    1979

Type:                    Trintella 44      Ketch

Length:                 14.40   ( LOA)

Width:                   4.10

Draft:                    2.30

Berth:                    7 + 2,     3 cabins

Motor:                   124 PK Perkins 63544 M

Water tank:            850 liter

Fuel tank:              530 liter

Dirty Water tank:    175 liter

Generator:             Onan  6 KVa



Electric :                            12 / 24 / 220 volt system

Battery charger:                  Victron Kombi 2000/24/40. very good system works always even in a warm engine room->Excellent

Inverter 24-220v                 Victron Kombi very good system works always even in a warm engine room->Excellent

service batteries:                 4* 220 amps     24 volt semi work OK

motor batteries:                  2* 120 amps    24 volt semi work OK

Generator battery                90 amps  12 volt semi work OK

Solar panels :                      sun ware 2*90 watts since we have a 24 system this set up doesn't  give a lot of amps->OK

Battery monitor:                  weaco  a must to check what goes in and out of your batteries ->excellent



Main means of navigation is a laptop with tsunamis electronic charts and a GPS mouse works very well and is very visible only disadvantage it doesn’t work outside because of the sunlight and weather conditions.

GPS 1:                                Valsat 02 no problems simple but works->good

GPS 2:                                handheld garmin etrax  good to have as back up, if whole electric system goes down-> good                  

Chartplotter + GPS 1:           raymarine C70 Very good system specially the chart plotter in the cockpit big help->excellent

Chartplotter + GPS 2:           tsunamis + laptop + GPS mouse  tsunamis has only good charts in Europe and Caribbean->OK

Papercharts:                         Every region also paper admiralty charts just back up if electic goes down but with chartplotter in the cockpit                                       and maxsea on the computer you don't need paper charts any more. We just have some for back up or                                              if  we are planning for some overview.

Lap top:                              Toshiba 2005 and a nice computer with big screen but takes 5 amps(24v)->OK

back up lap top                    Compaq presario smaller computer uses less than 2 amps(24v)->good

Radar:                                 2 KW dome raymarine C70 we hardly use the radar but works good->good

Auto pilot:                           raymarine st 4000 MK steering wheel very good system it simple and cheap ->excellent

                                          we have this system twice in case of a breakdown. You need about 1 spare belt per 5000-10000miles

Paper charts:                        Europe, Caribbean, Galapagos, Pacific, Australia

Water maker:                       Schenker smart 60 although one can do without it makes you very independent and you can use some

                                         extra water for showering or washing, very happy with the system-> excellent

Diving bottles:                      1 bottle mainly for stuck anchors and other problems just in case the anchor gets stuck-> OK

Dinghy:                                vetus with 5 ps suzuki outboard to have a strange color dingy ( yellow ) is always good ( less stealing)

MTBike:                               Cannondale alu although a lot of islands don't have any roads it nice to have and a alu bike lasts very long in the

                                          salty conditions just take care of the chain

Windsurfing gear:                  2 Angulo windsurf boards 75l. and 90l. , , 8 Hot sails Maui SO 4.2-5.3 Superfreak 5.8 Diva 4.3-4.8, Kiddy

                                           board with 2 kids Hot Sails SO 1.2 and 1.8,  I never windsurfed so little in my life as this during our sailing

                                           years but as awindsurfer one can not go without. With a sailing boat you are always on the wrong side of the

                                           island (shelter) and here is often little wind. It good to have a bigger floating board ( old windsurfer style) or

                                           new stand up paddle board so you are not depending on the wind

Surf gear:                             1 Angulo Surf board always bring a surfboard

Kite gear:                              one kite board and 2 Kites (12 and 16.5) good to have is the wind are light, hard to start from the boat though



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