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Nemberala, Roti, West Timor, July 20-September 4, 2007 (pictures by Dagmar)

Windsurfing in Nemberala, left Side off shore winds, September 1, 2007.



Stand up paddle boarding, Nemberala Right, October 24, 2007 .


Windsurfing with12'6" Stand up board in Nemberala Right, Off shore winds, Oktober 28, 2007.



Getting washed in Nemberala, left, with Vincent and Bruce, October 30, 2007.



Stand  up surfing with Soleil, in Nemberala right





(picture by Bruce Martin from 'Ohana Kai')

       (picture by Bruce Martin from 'Ohana Kai')



Next, we went to Leaky Point, Sumbawa and surfed and windsurfed at Nungas, September 13, 2007        (pictures by Dagmar)


Windsurfingaction, Nungas, September 15, 2007  (pictures by Dagmar)


Kiting, Nungas, September 13, 2007  (pictures by Dagmar)


Ekas, Lombok, surfing, September 18, 2007  (pictures by Dagmar)



Ekas, Lombok, stand up paddling,  September 19, 2007











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