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Part 1 NL-New Zealand
Part 2 Fiji-Thailand
Part 3 Maldives-NL






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Welcome to Soleil's page         My latest Up Date !    click here          

   Sept' 05        Sept' 06          Sept' 07         Maui is my favorite place  in the world!!!!!!!!!!

soleil-7.jpg (8810 bytes) soleil-8.jpg (5562 bytes) soleil--9.jpg (8057 bytes)  Thank you for looking at my site.

Welcome to my website (My web page is in three parts)

    From Holland to New Zealand

            From Fiji to Thailand

     From Maldives to Holland

                                                        Introducing the funny five, Tristan, River, Matthew, Roxy and Me.        

I am 9 years old. I went to school for 2 years in  Maui, now my Mommy is teaching me. My hobbies are: Windsurfing, surfing, climbing, swimming, Hip Hop , Jazz, Sports , Art and Singing.................

Here I can write, whatever I want!! 


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