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Thailand to Holland Feb-Jul 2008


Crossing from Thailand to the Maldives, February 10th - 21st  2008

Before we left for the Maldives we had Kelly girl's birthday party on the "Ohana Kai".   


Now we left for the Maldives. See the radio man at the SSB.


The water was super clear. It was super fresh.


                                       We went slower and took a swim.


  We saw a lot of dolphins on our way. 


The Maldives, February 21st - March 21st  2008

Now we arrived in the Maldives

Look at the picture below.

This is in the morning.

We bought fish, because we didn't catch any.


There was a crowd of motorcycles.

    And a lot of fruit on the market.

The flag of the Maldives. 


Maldives again

Lisa's birthday was great.!!!!!!!!!!

what a big cake (it really wasn't ssssooooooooooooooooo big cake )

  This is called head banging (girls are the best at it ).....  

Boy's and girl's picture....

Pizza night .............

And the water days as usual, splash,  splash,  splash, splash,  splash and splash as usual.



And very very very very very very fun times.


Crossing to Yemen, (Another crossing!), March 22nd - April 8th  2008

Beautiful sunsets,

....nice whale's on the way and



Yemen, April 8th -16th  2008

Now we are finally in Yemen. Let's start at my Dad's birthday.                                                               Here me and  my mom are making my dads birthday cake. It was Dutch apple cake .

This is the card we gave him. It is quiet funny and weird. 


Now I am painting a sunset. Now is my MOM'S BIRTHDAY .


  That night, we, de Pelikaan, Ohana Kai and Luna went eating at a restaurant. 


My mom went to the souks. 

  The women wear black veils .

Can you recognize my mom. Because I can't .

Alex and Roxy's Birthday. Flour eating, cookie eating and birthday cake. 


Sudan, Suakin, April 22nd -24th  2008

At Suakin we went to the tea house. They served tea and coffee. The coffee were drunken from little cups with a lot of sugar in them. 

Later we saw a lot of donkeys carrying water and people. They sometimes bite. We had a donkey ride. That was fun.

We went to a shop were we met Karim ,the cobbler. Daddy bought a sword ,two daggers, and a little sword in exchange for a sewing machine. 

That night, there was an arabic party on 'Pelikaan'. Everybody had to dress arabic, to dance ,have fun, eat food and drink drinks.    



Egypt, Ras Baniyas, April 27th - May 4th  2008

We had to take shelter from the strong winds in this bay. We found the remains of a camel on the beach.


 Egypt, Dolphin Reef, May 4th  2008

We stopped at Dolphin Reef and swam and snorkeled with the dolphins. It was great and I almost touched one.


Luxor, Egypt, May 13th  2008

At 6:00 in the morning we packed our things to go to Luxor. Then we went to our bus. We had to sit 3 hours in the bus until we were at Karnak temple. The sun was burning me to death. Karnak temple is over 3,000 years old and our guide told us some old stories. In the valley of the kings we went to 4 tombs: 1 was very steep and I couldn't breath in it. The other 2, I don't remember except 1,Tutankhamun. We saw his mummy and golden coffin. We know him as the boy king because he died as a boy. After that we went to our "Hotel". There was a pool and a bathtub. First we ate dinner at Pizza Hut, then we went swimming, later we went to bed. The next morning we went to the buffet, after we went swimming and left with "Ohana Kai". Hatshepsut temple wasn't so good. Later we saw statues that could glow in the dark and how papyrus was made. Last we went home.                                  



Cairo, Egypt, May 20th 2008

At 5:30 in the morning we went to the pyramids and rode camels. There names were California, Charlie Brown, Mickey Mouse and Moses. 


When we arrived at the pyramids we touch them, took rocks and Sahara sand  with us. After we saw the great Sphinx and went back. 


We met "Pelikaan "on the way. Then "Ohana Kai" and "Luna" went to Mc Donalds and ate a Big Mac Chicken. Later we went to the Egyptian museum and saw Tutankamen's golden coffin, jewels and even golden slippers. Then we went home.   


Suez Canal, May 21st 2008

When we arrived at the last stop in the Suez canal we all made a party. Everybody dressed-up.

Introducing the funny five.             


This is our pilot.

The Kelly girl posing.


Karpathos, Greece, May 28th - June 9th  2008

We went to Karpathos by sailing boat, because my parents wanted to see their friends again. In 1999 they had a windsurf center there. I was there ,too, when I was half a year old. The Funny Five made a hut or house. Roxy and I made a carpet out of rope. Matthew found a sea urchin for decoration. River made a bench and Tristan helped everyone. Then later we decided to sleep in the Funny Five house. But we could only stay until midnight. 

 Funny Five 

The next day we went around the island on scooters. I was allowed to drive, too . And we saw a lot of the island.


Sicily, Italy, June 15th-16th  2008 

There were beautiful flowers. After we checked-in, we went to town and bought things we need. But there were no fruits or vegetables. The people said, that a truck always came by, but on our way home we were lucky because we saw the truck and bought fruits and vegetables. Later we showered. Then we ate pizza in a pizzeria. After that we ate 2 scoops of ice cream. To stay in the harbor, it cost 46 EURO. The next day we left.



Formentera, Spain, June 22nd-24th   2008

We were relieved to see land and went into town the moment we anchored. In town there was a super market, but it was closed, because it was Sunday. There were internet cafes' and little shops, a market were there were necklaces and a pizzeria. My mom bought for her and me a necklace each. We ate at the pizzeria and went home. The next day my dad and me went and bought a feast for breakfast at the small supermarket. It was big on the inside and we bought all the food on our list.                       


Cartagena, Spain, June 26th - 27th  2008

At midday we arrived at Cartagena marina. 

       There was a swimming pool.


      And big buildings, as well as a Roman Theater.


 In a museum there was a pattern of dolphins made out of pebbles. In the evening we ate tapas.


My mom and me went up a high tower, up an elevator ........


This is Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith.

Someone stole my scooter from the dock, but my dad bought me a new one. 

From the high tower we had a wonderful view of Cartagena and there we saw pretty peacocks.


Ceuta, Spain, June 29th  2008

At sea we saw dolphins jump.

In Ceuta we just tanked. And my dad and me went to Mac Donalds and got a meal for mom, dad and me. 


Lagos, Portugal, July 1st-3rd  2008

When we had Lagos in sight, we blew up balloons, because that was were we did our first crossing in 2005, but actually we started in the Netherlands.    


In Lagos there was a barber and we had our hair cut. My mom bought me new glasses.


Everyone asked us, if someone had their Birthday today, because of all the balloons. 


Finisterre, Spain, July 8th  2008

In 2005, when we started to go around the world, we came into Finisterre to take shelter from a storm. 

My dad explained me, how lobsters get trapped in cages. From the dinghy, we saw a school of fish.  


On the beach we found treasures including  two crab legs and a shell on a stick, two crab shells and two feathers and a shell. 

  In a cafeteria my mom drank cafe and all three of us ate an ice cream and I read my book.

Across the cafeteria there was a beach with seagulls. 

Alongside the harbor was a fish hall, were the fishermen took their catch. And inside there were boxes full of octopuses. 


Vlissingen, Holland, July 16th-24th 2008

In Vlissingen, I fed swans. There was a mom and a dad, with their 3 white little swans and 1 black swan.


My mom, my dad and I watched "Narnia and Prince Caspian".

I finished fourth grade in Vlissingen and got 1 month of holidays.

In town there was a big fair. But we only looked at the fair. To me it looked like a summer fair or an end of the summer fair. Everywhere there were rides or a place were you could win a stuffed animal or cotton candy shops or popcorn shops. There even was a funny ride, that turned you upside down, but I heard a lot of people screaming in that ride, so it sounded a bit freaky.  



Arrival in Scheveningen, Holland, July 26th  2008   

Before we arrived in Scheveningen, we hung up a lot of flags and put balloons all over the boat.

Here are the pictures of our arrival in Holland. 

This is my grandma, my mom and Luna again. How many picture's have Luna on them?



This is my dad and our boat Luna.



This is my grandpa's boat. My grandpa Ernst with his wife Joke, family and friends welcomed us outside the harbor. My mom's sister and her family made a Welcome banner. 



As you can see, this is me, and I am 9, almost 10 years old .


I hope you enjoyed my trip around the world.


Soleil Celine De Zwart (Sailed three years around the world, from the age of 6-9 years old, almost 10 (I will turn 10 on September 21st)




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