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Fiji-Thailand  May '07- Jan '08


Fiji ,Musket Cove, May 10th - 13th 2007 

Lisette and Martijn came for a  visit to LUNA ! We went to MUSKET COVE .

There was Fiji dancing called "Meke ".We went to an anchorage called" SWIMMING POOL"!

There we went paddle boarding!


Meke and Marga on Fiji, Blue Lagoon, May 19th - 28th 2007

At Blue Lagoon ,right now, Meke and Marga, my grandmas' and my mom are going to get a massage. But I had to stay home with daddy. I was sad, but excited, because today was Friday, that means store! But off course I had to do school first. I had a fun time. I made a tent. It was fun but I miss Maui. What I put in my house: things to eat, kitchen stuff, washing pins, a book, a trash can, sun cream, a fridge, 2 bags, toys, cloths, a water bottle and towels. With my grandmas' we went to the wood market, where we have seen lots of kava bowls. On Bounty Island we saw cute little sea turtles.


Tanna Island, Vanuatu, June 5th  2007

I met a girl called Charlotte. We had a fun time. I was sorry that I missed her birthday. It was when they were at sea. We've seen a volcano and its lava. I cut myself on lava rock. 


I met a boy called Johnny and he took me and Charlotte in a wooden canoe. I loved it. He let me try his slingshot, but I have a slingshot at home in the bottom of my closet.


Slit gongs on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu, June 14th  2007

Ambrym is called the black island because of its volcanic ashes. They have a special slit gong called Tam-Tam. Tam-Tams are musical instruments you play by using a wooden stick, during dance performances. Tam-Tams are made of bread fruit trees. We bought two Tam-Tams, but they were made out of hard wood.


Pentecost, "The Land diving Tower", Vanuatu, June 15th  2007

Sam led us to the land diving tower. We bought some grapefruit, bananas and lime. It was a muddy path, but I didn't slip. The land diving tower was about 19m high. After we saw the land diving tower, we ate dinner with friends. But I swear I am never going to dive of that land diving tower!


The waterfall in Asanvari, Maewo Island, Vanuatu, June 18th  2007

I think it is lovely in Asanvari, but most of all I love the waterfall. I think every Vanuatu Island isn't as nice as here. Now at the waterfall it wasn't soooo cold. But we went in a small cave behind the waterfall and you could still breath. A very weird slug had a small spider leg and it hurt. We even went to the top of the waterfall and had a swim.


Santa Ana, San Cristobal, Solomon Islands, June 29th - July 1st  2007

On June 29th, we entered the lagoon in Santa Ana, the Solomon Islands. I just finished 3rd Grade. 

There were lots of kids in the village. Some teenage boys made a music instrument out of PVC pipes, playing it with their slippers.

We visited a village on the other side of the island with a custom house. Women were not allowed to enter, but my Mom held me up, then I could see skulls of some chiefs. I saw small canoes and big wooden statues.

Every day a lot of kids passed by LUNA and they wanted to swim and play in the water. But the last day there were about 60 children around LUNA. I had lots of fun with them.


Bagaman Island, Calvados Lagoon, Louisiades, Papua New Guinea, July 17th-20th 2007

Just before we had lunch, we had a little swim in the cool water and went directly out. A moment later when we were having lunch, my Mom thought, she saw a tree trunk move in the water. But it was the crocodile, that all the locals were talking about, which normally lives in the mangroves at the other side of the bay.

The kids in the school were dressed in traditional clothes, because it was Thursday. On Thursday they have "custom" day. They played games lo learn how to count in their language and in English.


Darwin, Australia, August 5th-16th 2007

I met my friends Roxy and River, Tristan and Matthew in Darwin/Australia again. We went to "Pirates of the Caribbean III". At the Darwin Festival we ate snow cones..

We went to the croc farm and saw them feeding chicken to the crocodiles.


The Aboriginals showed their traditional dances. I went on stage when they asked us to join the dancers.


Vincent took us sailing in the bay. That was fun. At the beach, we met a lady who had a small, cute, little kangaroo which had a diaper on.


Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia, August 19th - 23rd  2007

We went driving around in" bemos ",music buses. 


Later we went to the monkey park and fed bananas and corn to the monkeys.  

At the market we bought fruits and vegetables and a farmers hat. Then we went to the mall. At the shore was a rainbow palm tree. In the evening we went to dinner and ate noodle soup.  


Nemberala, Rote Island, West Timor, Indonesia, August 23rd - September 4th  2007

We anchored in a lagoon close to a village with a bakery ..On Tuesday is market day. There were a lot of motorcycles. Lot's of people touched me, because they thought my skin is colored and looked at their hands. I went swimming around the boat and surfing with my daddy on the paddle -board. Later I played with my friends in the sand and made sand castles.


Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island, Indonesia, September 7th - 11th  2007

Komodo Dragons are the biggest lizards in the world. Look at their footprints. The big ones eat deer, wild pigs and even water buffalo. 

   I know they are dangerous. 

  They are sooooooo cute

They can go very fast and they smell with their tongue. 


They have massive bodies ,four powerful legs (each with five clawed toes) and long thick tails ,which function as rudders, but can also be used for grasping or as a potent weapon. The body is covered in small, nonoverlapping scales, spines, other raised and bony.


My 9th Pre-Birthday on Rinca Island, Indonesia, September 11th  2007  

I had a pre-birthday on the 11th, with my friend Matthew. He and me turned 9. Iris, Vincent, River, and Roxy sang Happy Birthday for us. Roxy, River and Tristan were on the party. I gave Matthew a present.  




In the afternoon, we made a fire, ready for the night and played games, like food race and treasure hunt.   





Later we put our fire on, and ate marshmallows and "Kelly corn".


My Birthday on the 21st of September 2007, Bali, Indonesia

We did my real birthday party in Bali. I got presents and a cake. 



Later we went to my friend Abby's house ,who moved to Bali. The next day we went to the elephant park. The elephants can paint, play the harmonica, sit down and count. Me and Abby had an elephant ride. It was fun. 




The Orangutans in Borneo, October 1st - 2nd  2007 

In an orangutan museum I met a girl called Phoebe, together we looked at the orangutan feeding. In the night we heard animal sounds and we slept on deck under a mosquito net. In the morning the cooks made us a marvelous breakfast. In the night we saw fire flies and I caught one. It was fun. 






We went on a 'klotok' (a little boat were you can sleep and eat on). There were cooks and our guide, I even could steer once. As we were driving to the next feeding spot, we saw long nose monkeys and we showered .


 On our way we saw crocodiles, birds, butterflies, and monkeys.     


Batam Island, Sumatra, October 8th  2007

Batam is a place you don't want to stay long, It is a very dirty place. But I was happy to be on land.

 And it was cloudy.


Singapore, October 9th  2007

Singapore was a big city. I bought an ipod from my pocket money in one of the malls .

  We went to China town in Singapore .

And saw many colorful things. It was fun!


Langkawi Island, Malaysia, October 19th -21st  2007

It got it's name from the Malayan word for reddish brown eagle. We went to see the statue of the Eagle.


We visited a Park called "The Giant park". I saw lilies ,a giant pot and a bow and arrow.


It was fun!


Langebaan, South Africa, October 22nd - November 30th  2007

We went to South Africa by air plane. In South Africa it was colder, then I thought .When we were in the airplane we could watch movies. Here we stayed for the time we were in South Africa .

We ate here.  Soon me and my mom made necklaces


This is Remy's dad and his girlfriend. 

            I made sand castles     

Here are pictures of an aquarium we visited.   We could go inside 

the tube . This penguin is the same type as in" Surf's Up ".

  We saw Nemo as fish !   . ... long algae! 

  and big sharks. It was fun..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Langkawi/Malaysia to Phuket/Thailand, December 2nd - 12th  2007

I flew back to Thailand with my dad and my mom. Then she went to Germany to help her sister look after my grandma.

Me and my friends Roxy and River ( They are on the boat "de Pelikaan" ) went with their mom to see elephants and  

in a park in Phuket.


Phuket/Thailand, December 12th -27th  2007

We went out of the water with "LUNA" and "de Pelikaan". Me and Roxy went on land and made two maps of the place on land.


      Me and Roxy went looking around the place. .                                                                  

My dad worked on the boat. I made pictures for my mom and my grandma, who were in Germany. My mom took care of my grandma, who has cancer and is not feeling well.

Look at all the boats behind " Luna ". 


Muenster/Germany, December 27th  2007 - January 7th  2008

I went with my dad to see my mom in Germany and I saw my cousin KIM. Me and my dad went to Germany because my grandma was ill. My mom had gone to Germany before us, to look after her mother.

  This is my grandma. 

Up here is me and my cousin .

  These are my cousins Kim, Liv and Nils.    

This is the friend of my mom, Meike.

This is Volker, my mom's brother and his wife .

This is Bea, the mother of my cousins.

One night, it was 3:00 am in the morning, when  I woke up. I woke up  Kim, too. I said, I heard someone, we went downstairs and my mom and her mom where there. They said that  our grandma had just died. That was why I  woke up, she said good bye to me at 3:00am, then she died!  


Thailand, Ko Phanak, January 18th - 20th  2008


We went to a kind of cave inside an island.


There even was a little beach. My mom and me stood on some rocks and my dad made photos.                     It was a bit hard for my mom to go up because she had slippers ,on. But I had no slippers on so I got up a bit  easier.   


Thailand, James Bond Island, January 20th 2007  

This is the place the movie "the man with the golden gun" played!


                                               Me and Roxy looked around, the cool ,spooky place !*



Thailand, Krabi, Railay Beach, January 22nd-26th  2008

We went rock climbing in Krabi with friends.

I did it to the top 3 times.! It was super fun!!!*!!!!!!!!!*!!!!!!!!!*!!!!!*!!!!!!!!!!*!!!!!!!!!!!*



It was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We climbed with "de Pelikaan" and "Ohana Kai".  

                                             We ate delicious Pineapple!


I sat down on the sail, after we went climbing ..

I had to relax after playing on the rocks and eating pineapple and chicken.


Thailand. Krabi, Railay Beach, January 22nd  2008 

We went to an inside lagoon in the island. We even swam to the other side.  

It was sooooo much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Thailand, Klong Muang Beach, January 26th -27th  2008

We went to a resort and there at 3:00 o' clock pm was always an elephant girl, that came in the water. She had a strange name. I forgot what it was, but I'd rather call her Ely after the name of my stuffed toy elephant. Ely loves kids. Ely even could put you on her back and throw you in the water.



Ely kissed daddy and me.



The next morning we ate at the resort. After that we swam at the pool and saw Ely there again. She even turned the shower on herself. She recognized me right away from our last meeting.


At last I showered her off.




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