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Caribbean - New Zealand  Feb'06- Apr'07

Antigua/Barbuda, January 2006

Yesterday I found a big conch shell, I cleaned it.DSC03649.jpg (20228 bytes)

I have friends in Maui. Their names are: Amy, Bel, Cloe, Remy, Zoe, Taysia, Teata, Dominique, Sierra ,Meredith.

Here on the boat I have 2 friends, Roxy and River. They are on another boat, de Pelikaan. They are  Dutch and German. I speak English, German and Dutch. But  I prefer English. 



I like fish. We caught a Barracuda.


Guadeloupe, February 2  2006

IMG_2836.jpg (18635 bytes) Here I encounter a big ship

My day usually looks like this. I wake up at around 6. I do some homework for an hour or so. Then the rest of the family wakes up and we have a swim. Then we have breakfast, we eat bread, cereal, sometimes an egg and sometimes a pancake.  After I go swimming again and finish school with Mommy. I do math, science, art, writing, reading and geography. The rest of the day I swim, play with my toys or I look for treasures on the islands. 


The Grenadines, March 18  2006

IMGP0515.jpg (31465 bytes) DSC04739.jpg (20701 bytes) IMG_3692.jpg (26521 bytes)

Remy came on March 18th. We played a lot. We swam a lot. We sailed to lots of islands. I want to thank all my friends in Maui for all the drawings they made for me. My friends can visit me on the boat whenever they want.  


IMGP0618.jpg (10813 bytes) IMGP0610.jpg (17985 bytes) 

I went snorkeling and we saw the drop off. I saw lots of fish. Small fish, big fish, medium fish, in all the colors of the world. I could touch the ground. I saw a group of small fish.

IMGP0600.jpg (12825 bytes) IMGP0605.jpg (16812 bytes) IMGP0809.jpg (27185 bytes) IMGP0821.jpg (21661 bytes) IMGP0818.jpg (17101 bytes)

We grilled marshmallows. It was delicious. It was on Sandy island. It was dark. There were no palm trees anymore from the last hurricane, 2 years ago. I can windsurf. Sometimes I go very very fast.


Isla Margarita, April 2  2006

We went to Margarita because my mom and dad wanted to see their friends again. I met a new friend her name is Marina. There was a pool and a waterfall. I had fun. I had a choco monkey. It was banana, milk and chocolate. It was my dad's birthday. He had a chocolate cake with a small boat. It was named LUNA.

DSC04912.jpg (54421 bytes) DSC04875.jpg (85593 bytes) DSC04851.jpg (131171 bytes) DSC04969.jpg (31104 bytes) DSC04970.jpg (54185 bytes) 


Los Roques, April 5  2006

We made a footprint in the sand. There were hundreds of conch shells on the beach. Daddy found a sea star. There were  pelicans and a small crab. 

DSC05018.jpg (44532 bytes) DSC05016.jpg (17869 bytes) DSC05057.jpg (22878 bytes) DSC05010.jpg (27385 bytes)


Los Aves, April 7  2006

Its a chain of little islands. They belong to Venezuela, too. 

We anchored in front of a "Boobie" IMG_4071.jpg (59740 bytes) island. The island was full of Boobies. They are birds. They have blue beaks and red feet. There were little fluffy babies.

IMG_3957.jpg (52075 bytes)

On the reef we saw lots of colorful fish.

We tried daddy's new hammock.IMG_4104.jpg (125632 bytes)

On the beach was an old house. Near the old house was a grave. Nobody lives on the islands.

 DSC05112.jpg (83172 bytes) DSC05121.jpg (27793 bytes) DSC05113.jpg (93558 bytes) 


Curacao, April 19  2006

I went snorkeling with my friend Molly at a tug boat. We saw a Barracuda and a parrot fish. Lars is a Pilot of KLM airlines, he came to visit. We had dinner and ate spare ribs. We went to the sea aquarium and saw a sea lion and fed nurse sharks and we saw sting rays. We went to the dentist the next day.

DSC05224.jpg (50408 bytes) DSC05259.jpg (81794 bytes) 


Aruba, April 23  2006

We went to visit JP , Eef, Mack and Nik. We forgot my backpack in the bus. We got it back. We picked up my school package. They had a swimming pool. We played pool billiard. We had dinner with them. We went to the beach the next day and made a hut.

DSC05284.jpg (59148 bytes) DSC05301.jpg (98958 bytes) IMG_4262.jpg (44658 bytes) IMG_4230.jpg (77280 bytes)  


San Blas Islands, Panama May 2  2006

We went to a village, there are poor people without water and they are going to the bigger island for it. They live in huts. When we wanted to go, we wanted them to make a photo. All the people went in their huts and put different clothes on. They got one for me and my Mom bought a bracelet, she bought a necklace for me. Then we went. 

DSC05381_r2.jpg (92336 bytes) DSC05379.jpg (144141 bytes) DSC05385_r1.jpg (89897 bytes) DSC05409.jpg (84926 bytes) 

DSC05384_r1.jpg (103590 bytes)  DSC05415.jpg (95256 bytes) IMG_4456.jpg (81050 bytes)  


The Panama Channel, Colon, May 12  2006

I met a new friend in Colon. Her name is Salome. She is from Belgium. Her parents names are Cathy and Pascal. She lives on a boat, too, the "Saudade".

DSC05597.jpg (74245 bytes) 


The Panama Channel, May 12  2006

On May 12th we went thru the locks of the Panama Channel. I was really excited. After we crossed the Gatun Lake. We had to stay there overnight with the LUNA on a buoy. The howler monkeys were loud in the morning...eehoo, eehoo, eehoo......

At the end of the next locks on that day, we waved to a large camera, so that people could see us on the Internet. Then we were on the Pacific.

DSC05456.jpg (41115 bytes) DSC05512.jpg (66418 bytes) IMG_4207.jpg (65168 bytes)

The Crossing from Panama to Galapagos, May 18   2006

The Dolphins. It was clear water on the ocean. My dad saw dolphins. You could see even the scratches on their backs. They were surfing the front wave of the LUNA.

IMG_4578.jpg (22842 bytes) IMG_4564.jpg (60827 bytes) IMG_4581.jpg (15562 bytes)


Crossing the Equator, May 26  2006

Neptune, the King of the 7 seas. In the morning at 6:10am when we crossed the Equator, Neptune splashed out of the water. He had a fish fin and he looked strong and brave. He had fishes around his neck and seaweed all around him. He asked us to sacrifice some things we love, so he could give us permission to cross the Equator and sail safe on the seven seas. I threw a nice drawing of the LUNA in the water, my Mom her favorite shell, and my Dad Oreo cookies.

IMG_4623.jpg (61937 bytes) 


Isla Isabela, Galapagos,  May 31   2006

My Trip to the Lagoon next to the Anchorage

We saw penguins and we went to a hike way and saw sharks. They where white fin sharks. We saw every where sea lions. We saw a lot of lizards, too. We swam with seals .When we went back ,there were a pile of lizards sunning themselves.

IMG_5025.jpg (62449 bytes) IMG_5039.jpg (53670 bytes) IMG_4895.jpg (49481 bytes) IMG_4964.jpg (72189 bytes) IMG_4950.jpg (28036 bytes)

IMG_5189.jpg (62412 bytes) IMG_5211.jpg (42001 bytes) IMG_5052.jpg (29630 bytes)


Isla Isabela, GalapagosJune 1   2006

The Flamingos in the Lagoon close to the Village

It was a hot day. First we saw two flamingos. We went back soon and saw there were three flamingos now. It was ugly water that they were in. Sometimes the flamingos go flying away then they come back.

IMG_5092.jpg (51483 bytes) IMG_5090.jpg (30146 bytes) IMG_5102.jpg (52038 bytes) IMG_5099.jpg (62103 bytes) IMG_5123.jpg (81251 bytes)  


Isla Isabela, Galapagos,  June 2   2006

Horseback Riding to the Volcano 

We awoke very early to go to the volcano crater. We went in a taxi and in the taxi we could sit in the back of the truck. It was an hour. Then we went HORSEBACK RIDING. I was on the most quiet horse. It was a long ride, but I enjoyed every second. The crater was the second biggest crater in the World. Then we went back. That was fun.

DSC05689.jpg (41002 bytes) DSC05700.jpg (56440 bytes) DSC05751.jpg (100308 bytes) DSC05754.jpg (149500 bytes) DSC05764.jpg (110150 bytes) 

IMG_4646.jpg (79476 bytes) IMG_4743.jpg (67884 bytes) IMG_5107.jpg (52213 bytes) IMG_4776.jpg (104430 bytes)


The Crossing from the Galapagos to the Marquesas, June 24  2006

Today was my last day of school. I finished 2nd Grade and my Mom gave me a certificate, I got a lei and a Diddl-Riddle book. My Mom and Dad are very proud and I am happy that I finished school right before we are arriving at the Marquesas...

 IMG_5315.jpg (74268 bytes) IMG_5348.jpg (37429 bytes) IMG_5349.jpg (49732 bytes)


Arrival on Fatu Hiva, the Marquesas, June 25  2006

We get up in the morning. There are big green mountains. 

IMG_5547.jpg (39997 bytes) IMG_5564.jpg (41386 bytes) IMG_5482.jpg (40164 bytes) IMG_5514.jpg (32266 bytes) IMG_5519.jpg (15630 bytes) IMG_5594.jpg (39419 bytes) 

IMG_5431.jpg (32401 bytes) IMG_5428.jpg (53395 bytes)  DSC05904.jpg (32279 bytes) IMG_5541.jpg (38203 bytes) DSC05817.jpg (30070 bytes)


Paul Gauguin on Hiva Oa, the Marquesas, July 3  2006

Paul Gauguin on Hiva Oa. Paul Gauguin was a famous French painter. He lived in Hiva Oa from 1901-1903 . He painted woman. In the grave yard I decorated his grave. There was a statue.

DSC05939.jpg (17895 bytes) DSC05937.jpg (23911 bytes) DSC05946.jpg (19804 bytes) DSC05975.jpg (46043 bytes) DSC05968.jpg (48440 bytes) DSC05973.jpg (20827 bytes)


Jeep Tour on Hiva Oa, the Marquesas, July 7  2006

We went to the statues from a long time ago. Me and my friends River and Roxy saw lots of tikis. We played  people who eat people. 

DSC06069.jpg (44934 bytes) DSC06097.jpg (22266 bytes) DSC06118.jpg (50502 bytes) DSC06109.jpg (57832 bytes) DSC06117.jpg (55288 bytes) 

We made a picture that all of us were tikis. We went back to the boat. That was fun! 


July 14 on Nuku Hiva, the Marquesas, July 14  2006

There was a big parade. 8 man were doing a cool dance and a drummer was playing on drums. There was a tent with arts and crafts. Even there was a horse show. Then at the end there was a show of how people care about people.

DSC06346.jpg (38778 bytes) DSC06349.jpg (50002 bytes) DSC06368.jpg (61621 bytes) DSC06377.jpg (24916 bytes) DSC06311.jpg (51023 bytes) DSC06389.jpg (34290 bytes) DSC06318.jpg (34026 bytes) 


Rangiroa, Tuamotus, July 27  2006

Motus and hoas on Rangiroa. 

Motus are islands in an atoll. Hoas are channels between the motus. There was a pink sand beach on Rangiroa. When I went snorkeling on Noa Noa I saw two black tip sharks. I went boogie board towing behind the dinghy.

DSC06438.jpg (32930 bytes) DSC06452.jpg (27395 bytes) DSC06483.jpg (14510 bytes) IMG_5808.jpg (16454 bytes) IMGP0203.jpg (21086 bytes)


Tahiti, Teahupoo, Society Islands, August 2  2006

We saw big waves. The tubes were big. I thought, that the waves were going to splash on us. Some guys were towed in by a jet ski, then they were surfing the waves. We anchored the LUNA in the bay in a safe spot.

IMG_6091.jpg (17764 bytes) IMG_6088.jpg (11576 bytes) IMG_6096.jpg (32302 bytes)


Mo'orea, Society Islands, August 14  2006

There in Opunohu Bay I met a new friend, her name is Hannah. She is from Norway. By dinghy we went the other day to see the sting rays. They came very close. Some people were feeding them with shrimps. We did a hike in the mountains. It was called "3 coconut trail". On the top of the mountain we found 3 coconut palmtrees.

IMGP0321.jpg (35370 bytes) IMGP0345.jpg (18374 bytes) IMG_6188.jpg (30225 bytes) DSC06682.jpg (32999 bytes)


Huahine, Society Islands, August 21  2006

On Huahine I had a lot of friends to play with, 3 boys from the boat "DIVA" and 2 girls, Hedda and Marita, from the boat "Blue Marlin". We did windsurfing together and a BBQ on the beach. While our parents had a sushi-night on the other boat, we had a movie-night on "DIVA".

IMG_6211.jpg (63290 bytes) DSC06727.jpg (29636 bytes) IMGP0382.jpg (32186 bytes) DSC06782.jpg (24637 bytes) IMG_6387.jpg (32856 bytes)


Suwarrow, North Cook Islands, August 30  2006

There was just one family with 4 boys living on the island. We went to "bird island" with them. The boys were looking for crabs, eels and were fishing. We saw an octopus. We saw frigate birds nesting. I saw a shark there. After this we went snorkeling on the reef. I saw lots of sharks and my Mom and Dad saw a gray shark.

IMG_6596.jpg (86705 bytes) IMG_6635.jpg (9870 bytes) IMG_6624.jpg (48295 bytes) IMG_6630.jpg (34440 bytes) IMG_6632.jpg (32299 bytes) 


Apia, Western Samoa, Upolu, September 10  2006

We went to the flea market in Apia. Then we bought fruits and veggies on the fresh market. We bought a nice little bag made out of coconut fiber and a bracelet of cowry shells. I have a new friend from the boat "Zefrin", her name is Sophie. She had a sleep over at the LUNA. Yesterday we took the local bus and went to the South of the island, to Lalomanu beach and slept in a beach fale. This is one of the local houses here on Samoa. They were dancing and singing for us last night. We slept on a mattress on the floor covered by a mosquito net. We were really close to the ocean.

DSC06927.jpg (47814 bytes) IMG_6716.jpg (18646 bytes) IMG_6756.jpg (48677 bytes) DSC07036.jpg (43196 bytes) 


Tonga, Vava'u Group, Blue Lagoon, September 17  2006

I saw 2 whales very close under water. We went snorkeling. I was a little scared. A mother and a baby, I was excited. The mother was as big as the boat, the baby was 4 meters long. They were humpback whales. They are in Tongan waters between July and November.

DSC07153.jpg (50563 bytes) DSC07162.jpg (26077 bytes) IMGP0630.jpg (54042 bytes) IMGP0634.jpg (36737 bytes) IMGP0645.jpg (36240 bytes) IMGP0608-bew.jpg (6336 bytes)


Tonga, Vava'u Group, Ovalau, My 8th Birthday, September 21, 2006

I got a flute, back pack, paint set ,markers, wooden drum, folder and a booklet. I did a treasure hunt. It was fun. I played on my flute. I  painted with my paint set. I had a brownie with snow and Chinese lanterns on. I love my birthday.

DSC07172.jpg (29960 bytes) DSC07179.jpg (43074 bytes)


Tonga, Vava'u Group, Neiafu, September 24  2006

I saw Keith in Neiafu. We played together for a long time. They came on board. He lived some years in Maui, then they moved to Tonga.

DSC07112.jpg (37780 bytes) DSC07221.jpg (28465 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, October 4, 2006

In the harbor everything was green. 

DSC07305.jpg (61904 bytes)

Finally we went shopping. Soon we ate breakfast. Mmmmmm! The next next next day I went to a hip hop class. Today I went to the dentist, everything is good. Yesterday we watched "Bewitched". " Bewitched" is a witch movie. I have Barbie " Fairytopia Mermaidia". We went on a hike, in the forest close to the village, with my friend Joel.

DSC07267.jpg (37174 bytes) DSC07261.jpg (48666 bytes) DSC07312.jpg (74544 bytes) DSC07322.jpg (66855 bytes) DSC07302.jpg (68129 bytes) DSC07324.jpg (60192 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, October 13, 2006

I love Hip Hop. So my Mom signed me up for a dance class at Jeannine's Dance School for Jazz and Hip Hop. There I met my new friend Chiara and she has my favorite ponies. Her Mom is German, too. They invited us to spent a day with them and we went to the beach north of their home. I love her.

DSC07508.jpg (26626 bytes) DSC07509.jpg (28383 bytes) DSC07510.jpg (29197 bytes) DSC07567.jpg (60544 bytes) DSC07564.jpg (59561 bytes) DSC07583.jpg (48013 bytes) DSC07591.jpg (31473 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, November 5, 2006

In the morning at 10am Sharon with her kids Tove and Joel picked us up for the school fair at Maunu School. They had plenty of kids activities. We enjoyed horse back riding, a ride on the fire fighter truck, arts and crafts, jumping castle slide, hot dogs and my friend Joel went on the climbing wall.

DSC07413.jpg (30740 bytes) DSC07432.jpg (31757 bytes) DSC07436.jpg (35786 bytes) DSC07441.jpg (29543 bytes) DSC07448.jpg (56684 bytes) DSC07452.jpg (30829 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, November 8, 2006                                                                                                    HALLOWEEN. 

We celebrated Halloween on October 31. I was a devil. My costume was red and long. I had a fork that lights up and a red hair band with two horns on it. I looked scary! It was a long and hot party. There was music and dancing and it lasted a very long time. It was fun!

DSC07373.jpg (34311 bytes) DSC07383.jpg (26514 bytes) DSC07402.jpg (20282 bytes) DSC07394.jpg (24760 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, November 13, 2006

Our Norwegian friends from the boat "Blue Marlin" are coming into the harbor. They are having twins of 7years, Hedda and Marita. They will be on the dock next to our boat LUNA. One day we were 7 girls on LUNA, myself, Hedda, Marita, the 2 girls from 3T Tala and Thea, and Molly and Nancy from "JADE".

DSC07781.jpg (39826 bytes) Blondies4.jpg (27872 bytes) DSC07783.jpg (28026 bytes) DSC07504.jpg (50237 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, November 14, 2006

Anna, the little dog, is the cutest dog in the harbor. She belongs to Graeme, the photographer. She is very cute.

DSC07537.jpg (48366 bytes) DSC07546.jpg (49764 bytes)  


Kokopu, New Zealand, November 21, 2006

I went with Hedda and Marita to the activity day at Kokopu School. I did racing, high jumps, hurdling, long jumps and throwing a ball.

DSC07534.jpg (35321 bytes) DSC07519.jpg (47711 bytes) DSC07529.jpg (37709 bytes) DSC07531.jpg (53693 bytes) DSC07523.jpg (33094 bytes) DSC07526.jpg (35722 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, November 26, 2006

We went with "Blue Marlin" and "DIVA" to the Whangarei Falls. We played hide and seek in the forest, 3 girls, 3 boys.

DSC07600.jpg (48508 bytes) DSC07607.jpg (46056 bytes)


Auckland, New Zealand, November 29, 2006

Daddy comes back. On Monday we went to Emily, Nigel, Sophie and Dom by car. We met them the first time when we were sailing in Western Samoa. They live in Auckland. We played the whole day. The next morning I joined her for school. On Tuesday we are picking up Daddy from the airport in Auckland. He will arrive from South Africa on the 28th of November at 11:45 in the night. He works for the windsurfing magazine and he stayed there for almost 6 weeks. He is coming back soon, only one night more. The next morning I will have a look, if he is there. And he was. I got a t-shirt, pants, a Tintin book and a Tintin DVD, too. I love my Daddy!

DSC07671.jpg (33531 bytes) DSC07616.jpg (33604 bytes) DSC07624.jpg (42582 bytes) DSC07640.jpg (31905 bytes) DSC07649.jpg (57079 bytes) DSC07658.jpg (24455 bytes) DSC07661.jpg (58074 bytes) DSC07666.jpg (32645 bytes) DSC07705.jpg (52793 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, December 3, 2006

Sophie and her mom Emily visited us for the weekend in Whangarei. We went hiking along the river and played hide and seek there. We had lots of fun. I love my friend Sophie. We love the Falls, therefore we had brunch there.

DSC07714.jpg (48519 bytes) DSC07719.jpg (48715 bytes) DSC07726.jpg (51315 bytes)


Opua, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, December 13-14, 2006

We visited Opua in the Bay of Islands. We spent time with the crew of "DIVA" and "de Pelikaan". For the first time in 5 month I have seen River and Roxy again.

DSC07813.jpg (28253 bytes) DSC07801.jpg (60153 bytes) DSC07806.jpg (53762 bytes) DSC07820.jpg (62968 bytes) DSC07823.jpg (42512 bytes)


Trip around the Northland of New Zealand, December 14-15,2006

My friend Roxy from "de Pelikaan" joined us on our island trip around New Zealand's Northland. We ate fish and chips, did sand surfing, visited Cape Reinga, the Gum digger Camp, the Kauri forest. Sand Surfing in the Dunes was the greatest thing, a big fun ride!!!

DSC07830.jpg (36722 bytes)DSC07832.jpg (25639 bytes)DSC07866.jpg (8952 bytes)DSC07862.jpg (8578 bytes)DSC07883.jpg (21984 bytes)DSC07885.jpg (24857 bytes)DSC07886.jpg (18412 bytes)

DSC07890.jpg (40767 bytes) DSC07892.jpg (40269 bytes) DSC07894.jpg (58968 bytes) DSC07900.jpg (35124 bytes) DSC07907.jpg (67545 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, December 16-17, 2006

"De Pelikaan" with Iris, Vincent, River and Roxy were visiting us on the LUNA here in Whangarei. December 16th was Vincent's birthday. We celebrated at Whangarei Falls with a Christmas cake. Later we had a BBQ at the Marina.

DSC07916.jpg (57622 bytes) DSC07918.jpg (56272 bytes) DSC07920.jpg (44033 bytes) DSC07919.jpg (44217 bytes) DSC07929.jpg (36112 bytes)


Whangarei, New Zealand, Merry Christmas 2006

Now we were getting ready for Christmas. Coen and I were picking branches of the Pohutukawa Tree, named "the Christmas Tree", here in New Zealand. We decorated the LUNA. MERRY X-MAS TO ALL MY FRIENDS.

DSC07940.jpg (76192 bytes) DSC07945.jpg (44116 bytes) DSC07949.jpg (44410 bytes) DSC07955.jpg (45925 bytes) DSC07954.jpg (31617 bytes) DSC07956.jpg (45820 bytes)


Maui, Hawaiian Islands, December 24th - February 25th 2007 PS: It is the best place in the world

DSC07995.jpg (26612 bytes)  DSC08042.jpg (11589 bytes) DSC08038.jpg (40740 bytes) DSC08044.jpg (56662 bytes) 

On December 24th we arrived in Maui at the Airport from Auckland. Belinda and family and Taysia with her Mom were there. We spent Christmas and New Years Eve at Belinda's house. We did fireworks.

DSC08084.jpg (34420 bytes) DSC08198.jpg (58149 bytes) DSC08201.jpg (34249 bytes)  I went to Taysia's birthday party and met all my girlfriends. We stayed at my friend Remy's. Remy has a dog named Patch. I LOVE HER.

DSC08213.jpg (47823 bytes)DSC08205.jpg (24878 bytes)DSC08215.jpg (19538 bytes)DSC08224.jpg (29090 bytes)DSC08230.jpg (29344 bytes)DSC08239.jpg (28880 bytes)DSC08243.jpg (37360 bytes)

Because my friends missed 2 of my Birthday's, Amy's Mom did an extra Birthday for me! AND THANK YOU TO AMY, CLOE, BEL, REMY AND TAYSIA.

 DSC08127.jpg (43378 bytes) DSC08122.jpg (38892 bytes) DSC08411.jpg (68432 bytes) DSC08418.jpg (47848 bytes) DSC08545.jpg (53753 bytes) DSC08546.jpg (49306 bytes)

 BOB MARLEY is a crab in shining armor!

DSC08419.jpg (30761 bytes) DSC08573.jpg (75542 bytes) DSC08572.jpg (71380 bytes) 2007 Feb 048 Maui Prince.jpg (50491 bytes)                         

GOOD BYE TO AMY, BEL, TAYSIA, CLOE, REMY, BERRY, ELLA, DOMINIQUE AND MAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..


Western Australia, February 28th- March 21st  2007 

DSC08844.jpg (65701 bytes) DSC08860.jpg (65986 bytes) DSC09044.jpg (19214 bytes) DSC08931.jpg (23883 bytes) DSC09098.jpg (46184 bytes) DSC09128.jpg (44529 bytes)

We arrived down under (Australia) in March. We went to Giants Caves and I learnt to surf by myself. We saw Pinnacles, saw koalas and I met my buddy Ron ( old friend of Bart & Dagmar)!


New Zealand, Bay of Islands, Waitangi Treaty Grounds, April 11th  2007  

We went to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds in the Bay of Islands. We went into a waka (canoe) house with a big war canoe. Me and my Mom watched a Maori show with greetings and war dances. After that we went up to the meeting house .We saw wall carvings and Maori tikis. 


DSC09336.jpg (30749 bytes) DSC09343.jpg (44228 bytes) DSC09345.jpg (49726 bytes) DSC09358.jpg (45644 bytes) DSC09359.jpg (32764 bytes) DSC09371.jpg (41084 bytes)  

DSC09366.jpg (47969 bytes)


New Zealand, Bay of Islands, Urupukapuka Island, April 11th - 14th  2007

My grandma Joke and grandpa Ernst stayed for a little bit. Me ,Joke and Ernst went for 1day and 1night to Ocean beach. We played Frisbee. We sailed to Urupukapuka Island. We saw sheep and hiked up the slopes, we made pictures of Daddy paddle boarding. 

DSC09389.jpg (39151 bytes) DSC09390.jpg (27519 bytes) DSC09404.jpg (28676 bytes) DSC09391.jpg (24255 bytes) IMG_7278.jpg (22160 bytes)




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