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The Leeward Islands, January 25th - March 4th   2006   (by Bart)


Guadeloupe, January 25th - February 2nd   2006    (by Bart)

After Barbuda it was nice to get to Guadeloupe and to be able to buy and eat things, like your in the south of France. We went a few days into the marina to fully charge the batteries and clean the whole boat inside out, which we didn't do since the crossing. Soleil enjoyed to play with kids on the dock again. Has been a long time for her without friends to play with.

On Antigua and Barbuda  there is so little water, they sell it by the liter.

We are happy with our water-maker, which does work very well and makes us not depending on certain ports or some small wells in a little remote village.  It makes 60 liters good drinking water out of saltwater in one hour.


After a week the generator was working again, the bilge was clean again ( a few fruit tins were rusted through, big mess!) and a few small leaks were sealed. 

We went to the local market to get fresh food, looked at all the spices the women had to offer.

One day we rented a small French car and crossed over the island through the volcano and the forest, and up the cascades of Ecrevisses. 


Up a lot of stairs we went to the waterfalls " Chutes du Carbet" on the east coast.


After all that climbing we had a refreshing swim on the beach of Deshaies. As we had a car we went on the way back to the supermarket and had a meal there at MC Donalds.

LUNA was anchored in the bay in front of Point a Pitre . 3 days later "de Pelikaan" arrived with on board, Iris , Vincent, Roxy and River, a Dutch - German family with 2 kids, a little older then Soleil. 

Soleil played the next few days from sunrise till sunset, to make up for all the time she couldn't' play with other kids.  They played on the "Luna" , on "de Pelikaan", but most of all in the water. River got his birthday present and enjoyed windsurfing with Soleil's board.


Then after some days ,it was time again to continue to "Iles les Saintes", some small islands in front of Guadeloupe, nice to swim , snorkel and windsurf.  


Iles Des Saintes, February 2nd - 12th   2006   (by Bart)

We checked out in Guadeloupe tp leave with "de Pleikaan" for Iles des Saintes, a group of islands belonging to Guadeloupe.

Three hours later we dropped our anchors in the bay of Ilet a Cabrit. We all went for a swim, Bart and Vincent went fishing.


Bart went with "de Pelikaan" up the hill to the old "Fort Josephine" while I did school with Soleil. From up there they had a beautiful view over the island.

In the evening we had a bomb fire on the beach and grilled marshmallows.

The next day we went to the following island behind the rock "Pain de Sucre", to anchor at "Petite Anse". We loaded the dinghies with windsurf- and kite surf equipment to get around "Pain de Sucre" for some fun in the water. Afterwards we enjoyed fresh coconut on the beach.


Dagmar could go running and the kids were in the water the whole day again. I did some biking, but after 1 hour I biked every little road on the island. 

The village looked very remote. No tourists to see. Fisher boats were lining the shore.


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Dominica, February 13th - 22nd   2006   (by Dagmar)

The next day we sailed for Dominica. On the crossing over, we saw some whales and dolphins. Close to sunset we arrived on this wild and green island. 



The boat boys (Locals in a small boat, or on an old surfboard) awaited us far out at sea, just to be the first to offer you everything Dominica has to offer, fruits, island tours and even some property. They used to do this very aggressive but nowadays they got mellow and friendly. But still a lot of people avoid this island because of this. 


With the crew of "de Pelikaan" we did a nice jungle trip to the inner Dominica , some small waterfalls and pools. 


And after that a nice cool off in the water of a remote "bacardi/bounty" beach, Batibou Bay. We hitch-hiked our way back on a pick-up truck.  

The next bay was Roseau, the Capital on the South side of Dominica. 



We anchored close to shore, because its still 60 meters deep, just 40 meters off the shore. That night someone broke into "de Pelikaan". 4 o'clock in the night, he went in, while everybody on board was sleeping. Luckily one on board, woke up and scared the intruder away. He tried the same thing on the next boat. We had our "Luna" closed that night, so he might have tried, but couldn't get in. The next day we had mixed feelings. Should we stay or should we go. "De Pelikaan" left. But since we really wanted to see some more of the island, we stayed. 


The next morning we did a 7 hours hike up to Boiling lake. 

A wonderful tour through rainforest and boiling mud pools and through the high mountains of Dominica.  

You end up at Boiling lake, the second biggest boiling lake in the world. 

We forgot to bring our eggs to cook, but it was a very exciting trip. We were specially proud of Soleil who walked the whole trip without complaining. She had a very good night sleep. 


Martinique, Saint Pierre, February 22nd   2006    (by Dagmar)

The last days we sailed from Dominica to St Pierre Martinique a small villages which was totally covered by lava and ashes in 1902. Only one man survived, a prisoner who was deep down in the cellars. 



Martinique, Fort de France, February 23rd   2006    (by Dagmar)

Next off to Fort de France. As always, when we arrived on one of the islands, we love to visit the local market


to get fresh island produce. Here they offered a big variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish.


We arrived just in time to see the 100 year anniversary of Martinique Carnival. The costume were beautiful, but most impressive were the drum bands, which got masses of people jumping in the air until the early morning hours.


The local community spends the whole year working on costumes and decorations for the trucks, being one of the most colorful carnival attractions in the Caribbean.


We all dressed up as Pirates, Indians and Iris as a Hula girl.

The later, the wilder it gets. 



We admired all the fancy costumes, the very detailed work, the colorful ribbons and beads. Whole Martinique seems to be on the streets partying. 


Stalls in the narrow alleys were offering food. We went for crepes, the French pancakes. With Nutella they were our favorites.


We loved to be part of it and to be just in time for this big festival. 



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