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Dagmar de Zwart, 44, After having a career as Graphic designer in Germany, she decided it was time to see something else of the world. She was always fascinated with the Spanish language. So she looked for a job in Spain. Instead she found a job as a guide with Happy Surf at a windsurf center in Venezuela, where she met me after I took over the center. Open for anything as she is, after 8 years Venezuela, 5 years Maui, she didn't hesitate to go sailing. Although she had hardly any cruising yacht experience. 

Bart de Zwart 37, After 2 years studying tourism and management in the Netherlands, I took over a windsurfing center in Margarita, Venezuela. Somehow I managed to finish the studies at the same time. After meeting my wife, Dagmar at the same center, we continued together working on our centers in Venezuela and Greece. 8 years later we decided to go to Maui and start a vacation rental. We received a 5-year investment visa, which was not easy to renew. So after 5 years of hard work and a lot of windsurfing, we had to say goodbye to friends and look for a new adventure. We returned to the Netherlands and found a sailing boat, the LUNA. At first we planned to start sailing in the summer of 2006, which would have given us plenty of time to plan, prepare and make changes to the LUNA. In the back of my head I thought about going sooner, but off course it would be hectic months. It was not until I talked to Vincent of the PELIKAAN, that we decided to start late 2005. Although I had work planned in October in South Africa for the German SURF magazine, it would be nice not to waste another year waiting in Holland and best of all, Vincent and Iris have 2 children River and Roxy, around the same age of Soleil. Our main concern was, that Soleil would become isolated from other children. If we would sail at the same time with the PELIKAAN we would meet them every now and then, since every boat uses the same main time schedule, because of the hurricane seasons. 

Soleil de Zwart (9) Our daughter and captain jr. After 4 years of preschool, kindergarden and 1st Grade on Maui, Dagmar will be home schooling her through 2nd Grade and up. Although she misses Maui and her friends, she is looking forward to see the world and meet other kids on sailing boats.


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